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( Nov. 1st, 2010 12:17 pm)
Greetings, readers. I'm sorry for the recent hiatus; I was busy helping out with a friend's concert, and that took a lot of my time. But part of the help included doing some translations for the program, so I have a new batch of translations for you. Expect one post a day (or more) for the immediate future.

As always, if you have questions, comments, or requests, let me know.
"Appressati, Lucia" -- scene for baritone and soprano from Lucia di Lammermoor.

Lucy Ashton (Lucia) has fallen in love with Edgar of Ravenswood (Edgardo), an enemy of her family. Her brother Henry (Enrico) wishes her to marry Lord Arthur (Arturo) to repair the family's political fortunes. When Lucy refuses, Henry shows her a forged letter stating that Edgar has married another woman.

The anger in my heart is quenched; quench your mad love. )
"Vous qui faites l'endormie," Mephistopheles's aria from Gounod's Faust. Mephistopheles sings a mocking serenade outside Marguerite's house.

Don't open the door, my beauty, until the ring is on your finger. )
"Dein ist mein ganzes Herz!" tenor aria from Franz Lehár's operetta Das Land des Lächelns (The Land of Smiles). This aria was written for Richard Tauber.

When I hear the sound of your voice, it is just like music. )


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