By request of [ profile] elendiari22, here is Lionel's aria "Ach, so fromm" from Friedrich von Flotow's opera Martha. Sorry it took a little longer than I expected. This lovely aria is often performed in Italian as "M'apparì."

You vanished, and you took my happiness with you )
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( Sep. 15th, 2010 01:12 pm)
This probably matters to no one except me, but I feel I need this entry for proper tagging. In this journal, I have been using the U.S. Library of Congress name authority file to choose the form of the names in the composer and librettist tags. I've finally come up with a case where the LC authorized form and the expected form are significantly different. Instead of tagging every entry with both forms wherever the name appears, I'm going to use the LC tag. In this one entry, I will give the LC and the expected form, and the tags for both. If the situation come up again, I will edit this entry to add more names.

Familiar form of name: see under LC authorized form of name.

Riese, Wilhelm Friedrich: see under Friedrich, W.


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