"Chi mi frena in tal momento," the famous sextet from Lucia di Lammermoor. Lucy Ashton (Lucia) has fallen in love with Edgar of Ravenswood (Edgardo), whose family has been at enmity with hers. When her brother Henry (Enrico) discovers this, he does everything possible to separate the couple, including showing Lucy a forged letter that indicates Edgar has married another woman. Henry finally browbeats Lucy into a marriage with the politically well-connected Lord Arthur (Arturo). A few moments after Lucy and Arthur sign the marriage contract, Edgar bursts into the hall. Lucy faints. All present express their varied emotions.

(Chi mi frena in tal momento?... (Who restrains me in such a moment?
Chi troncò dell'ire il corso? Who cut short the course of my anger?
Il suo duolo, il suo spavento Her grief, her terror
Son la prova d'un rimorso!...are proof of remorse!
Ma, qual rosa inaridita, But, like a wilting rose
Ella sta fra morte e vita!...she stands between life and death.
Io son vinto... son commosso... I am overcome . . . I am moved . . .
T'amo, ingrata, t'amo ancor! )I love you, ungrateful woman, I love you still!)
(Chi trattiene il mio furore, (Who holds back my fury
E la man che al brando corse?and the hand which leapt to my sword?
Della misera in favore In the unhappy girl's behalf
Nel mio petto un grido sorse!a cry rose in my heart!
È il mio sangue! io l'ho tradita! She is my blood! I have betrayed her!
Ella sta fra morte e vita!... She stands between life and death.
Ah! che spegnere non posso Alas, that I cannot quench
Un rimorso nel mio cor!)the remorse in my heart!)
LUCIALUCY (reviving)
(Io sperai che a me la vita (I hoped that my terror
Tronca avesse il mio spavento...would have ended my life . . .
Ma la morte non m'aita... But death does not help me;
Vivo ancor per mio tormento! --I still live, for my torment!
Da' miei lumi cadde il velo... The veil has fallen from my eyes:
Mi tradì la terra e il cielo!... Heaven and earth have betrayed me!
Vorrei pianger, ma non posso... I would weep, but I cannot . . .
Ah, mi manca il pianto ancor! )Even tears fail me!)
(Qual terribile momento!...(What a terrible moment!
Più formar non so parole!...I can no longer utter a word.
Densa nube di spaventoA thick cloud of terror
Par che copra i rai del sole! --seems to cover the sun's rays!
Come rosa inaridita Like a wilting rose
Ella sta fra morte e vita!...she stands between life and death!
Chi per lei non è commosso Whoever is not moved for her
Ha di tigre in petto il cor.)has a tiger's heart in his breast.)


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