"Cruda, funesta smania" and "La pietade in suo favore," Enrico's aria and cabaletta from Lucia di Lammermoor. Henry (Enrico) reacts to the news that his sister has secretly fallen in love with the son of an enemy family.

Cruda, funesta smaniaHarsh, deadly agitation
Tu m'hai svegliato in petto!you have aroused in my breast.
È troppo, è troppo orribile,It is too, too horrible,
Questo fatal sospetto!this fatal suspicion!
Mi fa gelare e fremere,It makes me shudder and tremble,
Solleva in fronte il crin.it makes my hair stand on end.
Colma di tanto obbrobrioShe fills me with so much shame,
Chi suora a me nascea!she who was born my sister!
Ah! Pria che d'amor sì perfidoAh! Before revealing yourself to me
A me svelarti rea,as guilty of a love so treacherous,
Se ti colpisse un fulmineif a thunderbolt struck you,
Fora men rio dolor!it would be less bitter grief!
. . . .. . . .
La pietade in suo favoreMercy on her behalf
Miti sensi invan mi detta:suggests mild feelings to me in vain;
Se mi parli di vendettaonly if you speak to me of vengeance
Solo intenderti potrò.will I be able to understand you.
Sciagurati! Il mio furoreWretches! My fury
Già su voi tremendo rugge.already roars terribly above you.
L'empia fiamma che vi struggeThe sinful flame which consumes you
Io col sangue spegnerò!I will quench with blood!

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